Chokaisan: Tenju Shuzo

Founded in 1874, by Eikichi Ohi, Tenju SHUZO is a tightly knit, family-owned brewery enjoying its sixth generation of sake production. TENJU brewery is located in Yashima village near the beautiful Mount Chokai, in Akita Prefecture, in northwestern Japan. The village has a population of only 5,000, but it is number one in sake production in Akita.

Severe winters bring heavy snowfalls, and prolonged low temperatures. These severe conditions are ideal for sake brewing. Tenju brewery avails itself of the nature that abounds in the nearby terrain. They use Mt. Chokai’s naturally-filtered, soft water. The resulting sake is distinguishably clean on the palate.

The brewery’s philosophy is that sake making is rice making. The brewery commissions farmers from 25 rice paddies to exclusively supply rice for Tenju’s sake production.All of the employees of the brewery are intimately and intuitively familiar with rice because all of the workers are rice farmers during the summer and become sake makers during the winter months.

In 1983, Tenju Research Group was founded. This group is comprised of rice farmers who consistently endeavor to improve their crop from year to year. Tenju is the first brewery to establish such a research group. In Japanese “TENJU” means to last a hundred years. The name evokes both the wish for the longevity of Tenju Sake enthusiast, and the company’s 134-year old commitment to maintaining Japan’s time- honored, traditional sake brewing methods. With abundant resources Tenju is justifiably proud of its traditional brewing techniques and the quality of their hand- crafted sake. CHOKAISAN JUNMAI DAI GINJO exemplifies the clean, well-rounded flavor and elegant nose for which TENJU is renown.