Dewatsuru Habataki Junmai Ginjo

Flavor Profile: Dry

Polishing Ratio: 55%

Rice: Akinosei

ALC: 14-14.9%

SMV: +5

Acidity: 1.3

Serve: Chilled/Room Temperature

Tasting Note:

Dewatsuru Habataki Junmai Ginjo is a dry, crisp, expressive sake. It is gentle on the nose, gliding to a subtle richness on the palate. Has excellent balance between flavors and fragrances.

Habataki’s crisp, dry aromatics support fresh, herbal flavors in crunchy salads and steamed dishes. It also brightens the flavor of fish or salty taste.


Akita Seishu Awards

  • All Japan Excellence Evaluation 2011: Gold
  • Akita Sake Competition 2011: Governor Award
  • Tohoku Excellence Evaluation 2011: honor prize
  • Sannai excellence Evaluation 2011: 2nd Prize
  • International Wine Challenge 2011: Silver
  • The Joy of Sake USA 2011: Silver
  • Japan Sake Competition 2008: Gold
  • International Wine Challenge 2008: Bronze