Hideyoshi: Suzuki Shuzoten

Suzuki Shuzouten is one of the oldest, continually operating sake houses in Japan. It is Akita’s most well know and respected sake brewery. Founded by Matsuemon Suzuki in 1689, the current owner is the 19th heir. The name Hideyoshi was bestowed on the brewery over 300 years ago by the local lord Satake. It is said that he tasted all of the sake in Akita and judged the sake of this brewery to be the very best. To officiate that he had found a sake of superior excellence the local lord conferred the name Hide-excellence plus Yoshi goodness, the name of the legendary feudal warlord Toyotomi Hideoshi. Suzuki Shuzouten has lived up to that declaration of superior excellence for 300 continuous years.

Producing excellent, award winning sake generation after generation is no small feat. The Senboku region of Akita where the brewery is located has the perfect combination of natural elements necessary to produce high grade sake: It has very fertile soil and is one of the leading rice-growing regions of Japan. The area is all the more special because it so successfully produces the highest quality sake rice which is a taller, heavier and more difficult grain to grow.

Secondly the area has a pure, fresh, medium-hard, water source from the nearby Ou Mountain. From cavernous underground springs water is pumped up to a 40-meter deep well within the Suzuki Shuzouten compound. The severe winter cold is the third major ingredient. Harmonizing with nature the brewery adopted the Akita Cold Brewing Tradition. These three major ingredients guarantee a smooth, full bodied, satisfying taste.

While they take advantage of all that nature supplies, and are committed to traditional brewing methods, Hideyoshi continues to challenge itself. It believes in continuous innovation. Hideyoshi developed a new strain of Akita sake rice as well as the region’s first junmai yeast.