Hideyoshi Flying Pegasus Aged Daiginjo

Flavor Profile: Semi-Dry

Polishing Ratio: 40%

Rice: Yamadanishiki

ALC: 15-17%

SMV: +4.5

Acidity: 1.2

Serve: Chilled

Tasting Note:

Flying Pegasus is the ultimate “koshu” aged sake! Produced in limited edition to ensure it’s exceptionally mellow flavor and elegant aroma.

Enjoy with fine cheeses; pair with beef, mushrooms and creme entrees; or select as a dessert. This exceptional, semi-dry, mellow sake can also be savored alone.


Suzuki Shuzouten Brewery Awards

  • National New Sake Tasting Competition 2008: Gold
  • Tohoku Regional Sake Tasting Competition: Honor Award
  • International Wine Challenge 2009: Silver
  • International Wine Challenge 2008: Silver