Hideyoshi Honjozo

Flavor Profile: Semi-Dry

Polishing Ratio: 65%

Rice: Menkoina

ALC: 15-17%

SMV: +0.5

Acidity: 1.4

Serve: Chilled/Warm

Tasting Note:

Hideyoshi Brewery has been making Honjozo for more than 200 years. Smooth, rich taste; rustic aroma of rice, rye and oats and a wonderful long finish make this sake exceed expectations. Paris well with fish, grilled meats and hearty foods.


Suzuki Shuzouten Brewery Awards

  • National New Sake Tasting Competition 2008: Gold
  • Tohoku Regional Sake Tasting Competition: Honor Award
  • International Wine Challenge 2009: Silver
  • International Wine Challenge 2008: Silver