Manabito: Hinomaru

Hinomaru Brewery has made “the truest of the true” sake since it was founded by Kutsuzawa Jinbei in 1689 in Yokote town in the southern part of Akita Prefecture.

A snowy region of northwestern Japan, Yokote is nestled in an agricultural belt long known for its fertile land and superior rice production. Because the land is covered by snow for most of the year, pure mineral- rich water runs beneath the surface soil. That water is drawn from wells and used, along with specially commissioned rice of the highest grade to make Hinomaru sake.

The brewery is committed to preserving the most traditional, labor-intensive, hand made, ‘kimoto’ sake brewing methods. Though one of the smallest breweries in Akita, Hinomaru Brewery has a loyal fan base whose demand for their rich, full- bodied sake has continued for more than 320 years!

Mr. Jouji Sato, the current President of Hinomaru says,”I am proudest of upholding the philosophy of Hinomaru Brewery to make “the truest of the true” sake.

This slogan is actualized by our commitment to the basics. We use the best rice specially commissioned from dedicated farmers, the best water from the purest natural sources and, the best of the traditional, hand made-methods. We are the smallest brewery in The Akita Sake Promotion and Export Council (ASPEC), yet we have by far the largest number of decanted sake. Almost all of our sake is bottle-aged, not tank age. We currently have more than 75,000 bottles of decanted sake. The bottle aging prevents oxidation and flavor loss and preserves the exceptional quality of our sake.”