Minato Harbor: Naba Shoten

Naba Shoten is a company that was successfully selling merchandise to the ruling feudal clan of Akita, Japan when in 1815, Yusei Saburouemon was ordered by the leader of the clan, Satake Yoshikazu, to make an experimental sake brewery.

One hundred and thirteen years later, in 1928, under the direction of Akita Prefecture Brewing Research Center, Mr. Masatsune Hanaoka, Naba Shouten built the first reinforced concrete sake brewery in Tohoku, the northeastern, region of Japan.

The brewery, located right at The Sea Of Japan, is called Ginrin Brewery. TRADITION MEETS TRENDY at Ginrin Brewery where they revitalized the ancient Yamahai sake brewing method within a modern concrete structure. The name “GINRIN” is in honor of the sake-loving fisherman in the port town. The Sea of Japan is known for its rough waters and the valor of the local fisherman.

In the traditional song, ” Soran-bushi,” the fisherman celebrate a bountiful haul while enjoying sake and singing, “The fish glisten silver, the seagulls swirl, the sun shines well upon us!.

That port scene is artistically expressed on the Tsuchizaki Minato Harbor Yamahai Futsu Sake label.
Quite naturally all Naba Shouten sake go great with seafood cuisine !!